Taurus weekly 16 to 22 tarot card

This is not unfamiliar to you as you are often faced with mood swings. Be on alert. Get yourself examined, as the energy of the week is not very positive. Take medical advice. Make sure all your financial documents are up to date. Take extra care in maintaining the account of your income and expenditure. If you are in a job, don't expect the system to change just because you believe it should be different. Things look good on the relationship front. Expect the best to happen in a relationship. Those in a committed relationship can expect to enjoy new heights of intimacy and joy.

Lucky number 22 Lucky colour Mauve Lucky day Tuesday. You need to move away from the routine and try new measures for health. Better to start with the basics.

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Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating healthy foods. You don't have to undergo a full scale, uncomfortable, or a difficult regime to feel better. Small, positive steps will bring the kind of change that you would like to see. Travel is on the cards. You may shift your residence or office this week.

On the relationship front, whether single or married, you will feel the need for freedom as never before. You may feel misunderstood by the others. The possibilities of a good relationship are all around you this week, whether you are looking for new love, a new friend, or a new relationship of any kind. Lucky number 4 Lucky colour Yellow Lucky day Sunday. You need to be proactive in measures related to your health.

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Every effort and action would make a difference. Maintain a positive outlook towards life.

Aries (March 21- April 19)

On the career front, you may have to make a choice or a decision regarding your future. Analyse all available information, and then make your best choice. It's possible that what you initially interpret as a bad thing may turn out to work in your favour. On the relationship front, a committed relationship will become more strong and balanced. If you are unattached but looking, you are likely to meet someone new who is positive, kind, and generous. Lucky number 8 Lucky colour Red Lucky day Thursday.

You are likely to feel lethargic, inactive and unable to go ahead in certain circumstances. This is the time to refresh and seek advice from the experts. You are carrying a fear which is baseless, once you come out of this self-created dilemma, life would seem exciting and goals attainable.

Be positive and your life will shine bright. New opportunities in job and profession will make you creative this week. It is possible that you have been feeling the drive to advance your career. Take advantage of this time to write out what you aspire and would like to accomplish. This is a positive time for work practices, its strategies and success in the market. Relationships may suffer, conflict is a near surety.

Things may not work out as you would hope with a love relationship.

Taurus - Astrolutely

Lucky number 29 Lucky colour Black Lucky day Wednesday. Health remains good. You may feel an urgency to make time for things that would feed your soul. You have faith in yourself and in the Almighty. Some religious practices done in a group with different kinds of people will enhance your aura and personality. This is a transition period in your career. You want to change.

Daily Taurus Horoscope, Tuesday, 12 November 12222

Receptivity to change is the only way by which you can make any transition easy and smooth. You will find yourself on the right track, and things are turning towards positivity.

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  • The truth that they are just a human being like you. Just as imperfect. And that you can either accept them for all their human ineptitude or walk away. So what's it gonna be? Capricorn, deep down you know you are the Empress. That you are incredible and were born for greatness. And this week you will embrace that side of you whole-heartedly. You will realize that love comes to you when you know your requirements and stay open to receiving it from anyone who can fulfill it. Not just one specific person who has shown through their actions that they are not willing to give you everything you need.

    Aquarius, you and your partner or whoever you are seeing are going to have a fight this week. An argument where neither of you will see the other's side. Because one will be approaching the situation from a strictly logical place while the other will be approaching it from a place of raw emotions.

    Here's the kicker, though. Neither of you is right. Even if the logical one believes their way is better.

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    The truth is, you both need to acknowledge the emotional and logical sides of this argument. And now that you have this knowledge, make sure you do just that when you have this fight. Someone has got you under their spell, Pisces. Someone who is good with their words and feels like a soulmate.

    Only, if you observe closely, you will realize that every time they speak, you feel unsteady in the pit of your stomach. So pay attention, Pisces! Because the universe will always try to protect you through your intuition. But it won't succeed if you are not listening. Follow Us. Sign in.